Grandfather Babatzim’s recipe, a 100% distillate, with anise and fennel seeds from Macedonia, revived almost a century after its original birth.  The authentic ouzo spirit, a high quality product, flooded with subtle flavor and aromatic properties.

Ouzo is an alcoholic beverage derived from the distillation of pure alcohol with the addition of anise or fennel seeds.

The distillation is done in traditional Greek stills whose raw material content does not exceed 1000lt and the operation of the stills is discontinuous.

The alcohol comes exclusively from vegetable raw materials (figs, carob, molasses, cereals).

When filling the ramekin, the alcohol is diluted with water to 35 – 38% Vol and then anise and fennel are added, after preparation with a very good washing and water soaking.

Distillation takes about 18 hours with a gentle boil. When the distillate begins to run off, only the part that is clean and free of unpleasant odors and flavors, known as the ‘heart of the spirit’, is collected for immediate use.

This alcoholic product is about 70 -72% Vol and according to Greek legislation it will necessarily constitute 20% of the amount of alcohol found in ouzo.

BABATZIM ouzo contains 30 – 33% of the ” heart of the distillate ” and thus keeps its taste and aroma unchanged. This ouzo is distributed at 40% Vol.

As far as the flavorings are concerned, these are: anise and fennel seeds grown and cultivated in Greece.

Mastic, which is a unique product of the island of Chios, is a distinctive part of the distillation process.

The excellent raw materials give a sublime fine ouzo aroma and an unforgettable aftertaste.

The authentic ouzo spirit, a high-quality product, flooded with subtle flavor and aromatic attributes.