Grandfather Babatzim’s recipe, a 100% distillate, with anise and fennel seeds from Macedonia, revived almost a century after its original birth.  The authentic ouzo spirit, a high-quality product, flooded with subtle flavor and aromatic opulence.
Production Method:
The product of masterly distillation in copper stills, using the traditional method of the 19th century used by Greek distillers in Istanbul.

The excellent raw materials impart an exquisite delicate Ouzo aroma and an unforgettable aftertaste. During distillation, alcohol, anise and fennel seeds from the Greek land are used, creating a high-quality product.

Consumption Method:

Drink neat or on the rocks
and accompanies terrestrial dishes.


Available in 3 packages:

700ml bottle for domestic consumption,

Bottle 200ml for group consumption at the restaurant

and 50ml miniature bottle for individual consumption.