Suggestions for small distilled spirits snacks

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Depending on the temperature of the spirit, the tidbits that go with it will vary.

In general, the spirit is served cold, so the accompaniment can be served hot or at room temperature.

Savory food
  • The spirit blends nicely in the mouth with a fluffy strangler. The powder (talc) that rolls around our mouths biting into 3-4 strangles creates a perfect background for our palate to accept a drop of spirit.
  • Additionally, a very nice combination is the particularly smoked cheeses such as Metsovone and smoked vermouth. Graviera Spilias, chevre Metsovou, but also Roquefort and good quality Gorgonzola cut into cubes are a great combination especially with the less aromatic spirits.
  • Slices of Trikalino roe on a bun with some fresh butter and a drop or two of lime (bruschetta form). A combination that has performed with Trikalino at all our joint events with great success.
  • For more mysterious palates and more robust we can make bruschetta with tomato and red pepper sauce with a few drops of Tabasco. Ideally, we use a product from the “Oigoumenisses” called pipernias.

In this case we would prefer the spirit to be served at room temperature. These are all for very difficult and knowledgeable customers.

  • Chocolate bitter with red pepper (aromatic, not hot)
  • Any syrupy sweet with goat’s milk
  • Handy and effective is Cadbury’s Fingers sold in a metal box and offered in a small cup.
Let’s go for the hard stuff (What we eat at home).
  • Dry manouri thin slice (very thin) with honey and topped with a very thin slice of red apple sprinkled with cinnamon. We offer it with a toothpick cut into quarters.

  • Dry myzithra grated with honey and black pepper on a bruschetta.

  • Semolina porridge with toasted almonds and cinnamon.